Be There

Happy New year folks. It’s been a long time you’ve been here, well, you and me bothπŸ˜©πŸ˜„. It’s so good to have you guys back on here.

Anyways, today’s go’n be brief. It’s about something that happened to me this week, yes a few days ago.

After a windy Wednesday evening service, I was walking up the stairs (as I normally would πŸ˜„) in church and an elderly woman I normally would greet saw me and greeted me first, I immediately responded. It was so weird, awefull and I felt like a disrespectful person and I really am not.

I didn’t see her cos I wasn’t conscious of where I was. Mind you, I wasn’t on my phone, I just had my mind wandering. ‘I wasn’t just there’.

Later on, that same evening, as I was walking through my university’s main gate, three of my friends saw me and greeted me without me being conscious and aware of their presence. I was like “what’s going on here dude”?πŸ˜•

About 10 minutes later, still me this same guy writing this, I was walking down my street to my house and then, an acquaintance I normally would greet saw me and greeted me first. I literally slapped myself and shouted at myself and my subconscious saying “BE THERE MISTER!”. I was pissed that happened to me thrice, As Monica Geller would say “you’re on a row, mister”. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜•.

Thankfully they know the kind of person I am, how sanguine I could be. I would never snub anyone, never!😩 I just feel snubbing is way too low for my class, it’s really silly 🀭. I’ll talk about snubbing, malice etc. here later this year hopefully.

I got this “BE THERE” knowledge while watching a YouTube video of an American Millionaire and Entrepreneur Jim Rohn (I love doing this a lot, it’s one of my hobbies – Listening to successful people talk on YouTube).

And he said daily, he’s got a massive schedule & workload for the day. And he ensures when he’s working, ‘he’s Working’, when he’s on vacation ‘he’s on vacation’, when he’s talking with friends/business partners, he’s actually there talking, when he’s with his family, ‘he’s with his family’, which he reckons is the most important. Even if it’s 30 mins at breakfast in the morning, while he’s with his wife and kids he deliberately set aside his phone and laptop or leaves them upstairs in the room and focus – discuss, chat, laugh – on his wife and kids.

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Pastor Biodun Fatonyinbo, Dr. Myles Monroe etc. Have reiterated statements like this. And I intend on following suit, God willing. You should too.

Be there! Jeff

Be there! Whomever is reading this.

Alright, Let’s call it a wrap, folks.

Hopefully, I will post something next week God willing. (I’ve been awefully inconsistent these days, I’ve got loads of work and distractions. God help me.)

Till next week chaps (hopefully, fingers crossed 🀞🏾), Have a blessed and wonderful year ahead

Once again happy New guysπŸ₯³

Ciao. ✌🏽

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