Me Love-ly Life (2) – (The Soulmate)

Good morning everyone. Happy New Month.πŸ₯³ I just want to briefly talk about Love❀️. This my blog post on Love has been long overdue. So I've decided to use my dating experience as a case study. I hope you enjoy the read; I had a girlfriend last year.😍 (Yes I did, Don't be shocked πŸ˜„) … Continue reading Me Love-ly Life (2) – (The Soulmate)

What are the ears for?πŸ˜•

The human body has different kinds of stuff on it and they all have their purposes; the nose, eyes, hairs, legs, eyelashes, eyebrow, hands, ears etc. When I was younger, I wondered what were the functions of the eyebrow, eyelashes and eyelids, I thought they were useless. Later, I thought to myself maybe they're mainly … Continue reading What are the ears for?πŸ˜•