What is Power ?

According to Merriam Webster dictionary;

Power is the possession of control, authority, or influence over others (or valuable resources)

Recently, in the past year, I’ve been occupying positions of authority and power. I still am. 😎

You see all these politicians that loot and embezzle ehn, I don’t entirely blame them. You enter their shoes first. You’d most likely do the same thing. The kind of money temptation they face ehn, O boy I experienced it. That’s when self control comes in.

Story time.

I was asked to be in charge of some money (dollars) for a week alongside two other guys by one wealthy man who was about to travel for a week, let’s call him Oga John. It was Some sort of treasurer’s job in a bank something like that sha. The money we were asked to guard was just too much, it filled up a big room. If you’d asked me and the guys how much was in there we’d say it’s approximately a 100 million dollars. Yea you heard me right. 100 million dolapo, give or take.

All we had to do was to do some transaction stuff and record. Oga gave us instructions before he travelled on who we’re to collect money from and who and we’re to give money to. We slept at his house for a week, we were fed, entertained, WiFi-ed etc. We were all harbouring the thought of stealing some of the dollars prolly 1 – 5 thousands dollars. Oga John prolly won’t notice abi. I was just thinking. My hypothesis was confirmed on the 3rd day, we were all in the vault, organising some things when the first guy said “Guys make we take small thing na, Una dey dull o. Oga John no fit notice anything, see the kind plenty money wey dey here”. The second guy agreed. I was just quiet all through. So they both started hoarding. They then said “Jeff, why you dey dull”. I was still quiet, thinking of joining them. There was a big war in my mind. Should I take small? Should I take big? Should I even take at all? I stood there for a long while, then something my mentors Pastor Biodun Fatonyinbo and Dr. Mensah Otabil say often crossed my mind “To do exploits like Daniel did in the midst of sin, you have to be excellent (to stand out / be deliberate in making the right choices / have integrity)” I thank God I didn’t take a dime. It was hard not to, it was really darn hard, but God helped me. I had to be deliberate. I had a reason NOT to, I had something Dr. Mensah would call “a premise” it was constantly at the back of my mind. That premise of mine is called EXCELLENCE. To be excellent you have to deliberately control your self over things and have integrity. Self control is a fruit of the spirit (Gal. 5 Vs 23).

So After the whole thing, Oga John came back paid us equally, twice the amount he promised and we left his house. Some part of my mind was just saying “mumu me, guy you mumu o”. Well I’m still undergoing the process, I hope it’ll pay, I know it’ll pay.

Daniel deliberately chose to consistently do the right things. He refused the best foods offered to him, and ate vegetables even when they were not convenient. He later attained a position of power in the greatest country in the world as of that time, Babylon. Yet he strived for more. Maintaining his integrity, practicing self control, clinging to God. He believed he hasn’t arrived yet, (He never blow yet). That’s Excellence. It made him stand out and he then had more power.

Joseph chose to do the right thing. Snubbing the overly beautiful Potiphar’s wife. Can you imagine how beautiful Egyptian top officials wives were in those days? Wow, that guy had some self control and he was deliberate. Something I hope to attain consistently. it made him stand out (excellence) and had more power.


Don’t judge those politicians/people that loot and embezzle money, if we are in their shoes we’ll do the Same thing. We’ll compromise, except we’ve conditioned our minds deliberately for excellence.

Excellent people have integrity.

Excellent people have self control.

Excellent people don’t ever think they’ve arrived, they strive to improve thier character the ones listed above and more.

Excellent people don’t ever think they’ve arrived, they strive for more (power, resources etc) the right way.

I recommend you guys download from Google, YouTube etc. and listen to Pastor Biodun and Dr. Mensah Otabil’s messages on excellence.

Peace out peeps ✌️

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