I miss childhood.

I mean things were much more easier, less complicated and straightforward back then. We were so open and honest with each other.

When I was younger, life was fantastic, because happiness was such a simple thing.
My favourite candy (ok pop) or biscuit (shortbread) or burger peanut could brighten my day, week even.
Now, even a carton of those won’t have the same effect, though there are fun things adults experience which were impossible for me to experience as a kid.

We were naive, we hadn’t seen the dark side of life. Deaths, betrayals and break ups layed far from our world. We didn’t have much responsibility, and didn’t need to worry about how to support our own life.

If you didn’t have money you say it. No forming.

There was no forming class or levels for anybody. Every body felt equal. No snubbing (except when offended), even when offended, It usually takes a short while to forgive.

If you don’t like someone, you tell the person, the person knows.

If you like someone you act that way or sometimes you say it.

If you fight with a friend, you might not be friends for a couple of minutes or hours but later you’d “genuinely” come back to normal. Etc. (Take note of the word genuinely)

If you like something or don’t like something you say it.

Honesty, No pretences, No complications, were the “order” of the day (lol 😂 Oxymoron – cos children and order never coexist).

Even the maths questions too, were straightforward. “Finding X”. Wasn’t that much. Was it? Lol.😁

Ignorance is bliss 😁

I’ve always been eager to reach adulthood. Now I have😞, all I can say about adulthood is that “it’s overated” Lol.

Well there are some perks to being an adult.

First of all, no one controls you 24 hours. You will be able to do things like going out sometimes without begging your parents, depends though.😚

Another reason is that you are emotionally and physically stronger so factors that annoy you are less.

You find true love. Pursue your purpose, passions, talents independently etc

But things get complicated in adulthood.

If someone likes you they won’t say it, they can even pretend not to. If someone doesn’t like you, they’d pretend to be your friend just so they can collect whatever they want from you. Parasitic Relationships. Making ends meet could be frustrating. We adults sometimes make things complicated for eachother, and they could lead to depression.


Here’s an example.

I have an uncle. Uncle Ben. He’s married to aunty Mary. Aunt Mary is a family friend, she visits us often, almost every weekend. She’s like family. When I was 10 years, I heard uncle Ben left aunty, that’s all they told me, they didn’t tell me why cos I was a kid (mahn kids lives are simple and enviable). Mom, aunt Mary and other aunties whenever they discuss about uncle Ben they talk angrily, calling him “foolish” most of the time. I just concluded they hate him. I haven’t seen uncle Ben in over 10 years, until last week when he came visiting. I was so shocked to see how these aunts were responding to his subtle jokes smiling and chatting. I could feel how tense the atmosphere was. It was fake. He didn’t stay long, and he left. Aunt Mary wasn’t around though. In my mind I just said “this adult stuff is messed up”.

Couldn’t they be honest? Couldn’t uncle Ben just kneel and apologize?. Couldn’t they vent thier emotions and speak thier minds?. I thought to myself. 🤷

Most young and old adults want to “belong”. They complicate things. They pretend to live big lives or are rich by taking pictures in exotic places. Boys lying and deciving girls just to sleep with them. Girls lying to boys to collect what they want. In Nigerian common parlance (pidgin) “Everybody wan come dey form”. As kids we were just plain. Some kids bath outside back then and didn’t mind who was looking. (I don’t advice that now 😁 but you get the gist). we were just ourselves. Genuinely Happy.

Happiness was such a simple thing.

In summary

There was a reason Jesus told us, adults, to behave like little children…Childhood and adulthood both have their own downside and upsides.

If I really have to choose though, I would choose childhood, just like most people will do, I suppose. Who wouldn’t?😁 (Just kidding, I know y’all prefer adulthood, except me.)

Anyways, Happiness wasn’t relative. It didn’t depend on someone or something.

Happiness was a simple thing.

P.s. – This is from an Ajebo-kpakoish point of view.😁


In addition just a lil note about this Corona virus stuff.

People just worry and fear and create bad imaginations in thier minds. That’s not good for your health and faith. It creates consistent worries. I would talk extensively on this soon enough.

As Christians, we should memorize Philippians 4 vs 6-7 everytime we worry and become anxious.

✌🏽 peace out

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