In primary school, I always wanted to know how secondary school was. It was mixed, meh-ish and fun.

In secondary school I wanted to get into the university. Couldn’t get in immediately, I was angry, disappointed and eager. Impatience creeped in. Now, i kinda see why God delayed my immediate entry to the university.

In the university now, impatient to get my 1st girlfriend. I kinda saw one and almost hit it off with her but then i found out my reason for getting into the relationship was totally off, selfish and immature. I also want to graduate immediately and NOT go through the process.


Impatience is slowly creeping in to become part of our lives, society, and culture
Especially amongst we millennials (folks born in 1980 – 1996) and post millennials (1997 – date), we’ve become so used to instant gratification.
Sometimes, I yell at my phone when the screen freezes.
Waiting four days for a delivery seems like an eternity in today’s society.
We get mad about slow Internet connections, we can barely hide our disdain.
Waiting a couple of extra seconds for a page to load feels like an eternity.
We can’t wait to graduate school
We always want to get money by any means necessary.

We want to have that girlfriend/boyfriend now cos our friend’s got one.

When we exercise, we want to get all the muscles and abs at the 1st trial

We want to get the rewards and benefits now! Like right now! That’s instant gratification. It won’t always happen that way.

Can’t we wait for God’s plans to bear fruits?

Though delays may seem annoying and senseless, God has a plan: our growth and maturity. Our displays of impatience are really just adult versions of childish tantrums.
With the abundance of instant gratification, it’s difficult to recognize that people don’t need immediate satisfaction to feel happy. It’s important to remember how beneficial patience can be, because the best things in life are more than a click away.
Patience is a rare quality in today’s world. It’s a virtue that’s becoming endangered. For the Christians, patience is a fruit of the Spirit that we should be cultivating in our lives no matter what season we’re in.

We Live in such an impatient world.
Finally remember, patience is a virtue
Promotion is a process.

Peace out peeps ✌️

3 thoughts on “IMPATIENCE!

  1. Nice one bro. You’re style of presentation is unique, relatable and engaging. And your topics are relevant. Keep up d gud work.


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