Me Love-ly Life. Part 1

Alice is a wonderful girl. She’s a really good friend and she’s extremely B-E-A-utiful. I’m not exaggerating in what I’m about to say o, she’s as beautiful as those Disney cartoon characters eg Cinderella, sleeping beauty, little mermaid etc. Yea she’s that pretty. Sometimes I wonder how someone could be this beautiful. She’s got two elder brothers so she’s used to hanging out with boys, she even dresses like boys sometimes. She’s sometimes wears jean shorts with big shirts. I like it when she wears that. Her hairstyle is usually double bun. She’s Kinda mad though, or maybe we’re both mad.

But the thing is, I had a really huge crush on her!

It all started when we were in 200L at the university, we Just finished having lectures and I went to the back to meet sotonye, my best friend so we could start going to our hostels. He and two other guys were talking with this this girl. Then it happened, I’ve never seen Alice before, and for the 1st time I saw Alice, I stared at her intently, I don’t usually stare at anyone, especially not girls, but this time I did. Unfortunately our eyes locked, and my heart skipped a beat. Fortunately for me, sotonye stepped in and introduced us.

Sotonye : Alice meet Jeff, Jeff meet Alice

Alice: “nice to meet you Jeff”, she said while shaking my hands

Me: I replied dreadingly “nice to meet you too”

She asked me of my department I replied marine engineering, I asked her the same, she replied petroleum engineering. She wanted to go on with the conversation but outta fear I interrupted her.

Alice : so when do you…

Me: urrm sorry Alice, I really gotta get somewhere now, I’m kinda late.

Alice: she said sure, nice to meet you though.

outta fear I didn’t reply. But I replied her in my mind sha. Lol😁

As I was rushing off, sotonye followed me and told me I look weird, he said “she’s fine abi and you like her that’s why you’re acting strange” of course I flat out denied it “No ooo” I replied. He said “ok o, Keep on decieving yourself” he then went back to Alice. Through out the day I couldn’t stop thinking of her and the fact that we shook hands sef burst my brain. I rarely see her in class that’s because she sits at the back, also cos we’re not in the same department, she comes late to class too and she comes to school 3 or sometimes 4 times a week. So through that semester I didn’t see her again, neither did I talk to her. Maybe it’s my fault, I didn’t search for her, or ask sotonye to link us up or somn. I probably just wanted to stay away from her. Why? That’s me, the asshole!👎I would’ve regretted that decision but luck smiled on me once more and this was towards the end of the semester, a few weeks to our exams.

There was this general faculty course we all did that gave/gives everyone problem. Luckily for me, I understood it (Don’t ask me how). I dunno who told her I was gonna hold a small tutorial for a few people in my department. I came for the tutorial and I met Alice there. My heart skipped twice! Oh my God!. I never prepared for this. I just had to Man up and teach them all including sotonye and Alice. I spoke all the grammar I knew, crack the subtle jokes I knew that were related to the course and most importantly I ensured I taught well, I broke it down to the extent I was convinced everyone understood. I did all this to impress Alice. The class lasted for 2 hours. I didn’t want it to end, but it had to. Then, as we were about going back to our hostels Alice approached me. I was like “Damn! nigga calm down you’ve got this, just talk to her like you would with a normal girl”. On approaching me, Alice said “I really liked the way you explained this topic, I understand this topic really well now, when next can we meet? Probably tonight? you and I, alone?” as I heard alone! Tonight! my head exploded in excitement.

Now, those of you that have seen the cartoon “inside out” can relate with this scenario.

I was extremely excited and scared at the same bloody time. How’s that even possible?

I replied “urrm, tonight is not possible, I’ve got some things to do in the hostel (that’s me! The Asshole!👎) “how about tomorrow morning say 10 AM” I asked. She retorted “perfect”. she then asked “Pls gimme your phone number so I’ll call you to know Where we’ll meet” I retorted also “perfect”. So we both walked out, very slowly, I made sure we walked slowly as she wanted to escort me to my hostel, but the devil said No! sotonye was waiting all this while downstairs. “Shit, Soty don spoil network connection mahn!” I said in my mind. So we all talked and joked and laughed for a while. It was nice. The next day, Alice and I met again. She fixed another meeting again so we met again and again and again. I was really really happy. I smiled back to the room each time I was through hanging out with her.😁

Then unfortunately, the semester ended, it was 2nd semester and the holidays are usually very long 3 – 4 months. We all had to go home, she stays in Portharcourt, while I stay in Lagos. I was sad, little did I know this will be when we’d get closer. When we got back home, we chatted on WhatsApp everyday. She calls me most of the time too. I got to know her better, she also got to know me better. There was pretty much nothing we didn’t talk about. We got so so close, but I didn’t ask her out, why? That’s me! The asshole! 👎

To be continued…

P.S. – This is 80% fictional. 20% Real.

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