Science Vs Faith… Errrrm🙃

Good day folks! How’s the week going? Really good I guess 😋. Same here.

Anyways, if shit happened to you this week already (just like me last week) it could be a good thing, like I’ve learned. Sometimes bad things happen for good reasons. To help us grow, mature. Guess it’s part of the process. More on that in a jiffy.

Love is the supreme ethic… Time is a necessary component for understanding the big picture – Dr. Ravi Zacharias

Sometime ago, in school, (Mariners, I haileth thee o!🙌) we had some courses that gave everyone issues, they were really tough. But there was this one especially, a 5 units course. The most important course of the semester. Most of my course mates were afraid of it, for different reasons. One even came to my room broken, like he’s given up saying “any thing that happens, let it happen, cos, I just can’t cover up this course, it’s too wide and some parts are tough to understand or cram”. I just said “guy, study as hard as you can, you won’t fail, you just can’t fail”.

On the day of the exam, just few minutes before the exam started, one of my friends, Boma was kinda trembling in fear. She said “Jeffery, I think I’m starting to forget the little things I’ve read and crammed oh!, this exam is gonna be bad, it’s gonna be really awful”. I just touched her shoulder and said something like this “hey, it’s going to be fine, you’ve NOT forgotten anything, you just think you have. Don’t worry when you see the questions, you’ll be surprised how much you know”. I understood thier fears, it wasn’t as if I didn’t have fears of my own, of course I had my fears too. I just didn’t want to give in to the fear. I wanted to be “optimistic” through out. I chose to believe everything will be good in the end, and eventually, everything was good in the end. Most people came out smiling. Smiling cos they wrote better than expected. Optimism!

I watched this video by Mel Robbins

She was talking about a filter in our brains called the “Reticular Activating System” (R.A.S.). In summary she said if we believe no good thing will happen in our lives, the RAS in our brains look for anything to prove us right, that things are truly bad and will never get better. For example, if i believe that the people in my workplace hate me, my RAS will look for the slightest proof to confirm that belief. If you believe that you’ll be very successful in the future, the RAS will be going through the day looking for proofs. We’re the ones to program or reprogram our RAS, and scientists believe it’s best we reprogram it positively by visualization; imagining how our lives will be like when all the things we hope for finally happens. Optimism!

I was reading ‘eat that frog’ by Brian Tracy recently, and in one of the chapters, he was talking about motivating ourselves. In summary, He was talking about optimism. He said we should be our very own cheerleaders by ‘consistently’ talking to ourselves positively. This positive attitude can energise us to take that step or perform that tough task that we’re afraid of. Words like “I like myself”, “I can do it” are words we should tell ourselves consistently. He also said optimists have 4 behaviours they learned through repitition.

1. They Look for the good in every situation: story time, there’s this grandma I heard of, she’s prolly the most optimistic person in the world. She sees the good in everything. So one day, she was watching a movie with her grandkids and the devil😈 was shown in the movie. The kids purposely paused the movie and asked “grandma, what can you say about Satan? She said “well, that old chap never gives up does he. He works really hard too”.😁

2. They seek the valuable lesson in every setback: they believe difficulties come to instruct and NOT to obstruct.

3. They look for the solution to every problem. Instead of being pessimistic whenever problems arise, they’d ask questions like; “what’s the next step”?, “what’s the solution”?

4. Optimists visualize: they think and talk about Thier goals, their future and the good it holds. Not the past or the bad things. Optimism!

I’ve always talked about the relationship between faith and science. Mel Robbins and Brian Tracy got their facts about optimism based on research and science. Science have proofs to believe that thinking posivitely, being optimistic makes you an effective person and is an important quality that can improve your business, career, academics etc.

Faith (God) also says the exact same thing.

Romans 8 Vs 28 : everything that happens works together for our good.
Theselolians 5 Vs 18: in all circumstances (bad or good) give thanks to God because…

…I’ve (God) got it all planned out, plans for you to prosper, plans to take care of you, plans to give you hope and a future – jeremiah 29 Vs 11.

And many more verses.
All these verses talk about the same stuff.
Be courageous.
Be thankful.
Be optimistic.
Be hopeful.
Be positive in all situations, always and consistently cos “all things work together for our Good”.

It’s NOT easy to be positive in extremely bad circumstances, it’s NOT easy to be positive when you face king sized problems. It’s part of the process God wants us to pass through before we mature (grow in character).

I digress.

These biblical teachings about optimism and positive thinking are actual facts backed up by science.

Reprogramming our minds, our R.A.S. (Reticular Activating System) is a daily process. It’s not easy (no be moi moi). We might NOT see instant progress, but everytime we do it, there’s a 1% +ve reprogramming.

It’s doesn’t happen overnight. I stumble sometimes.

It’s a process.

Little by little we’ll change it.

Consistency is key!

I’ve tried it and It works.

Bill gates, Jack ma, Dan Lok, Napoleon Hill and other millionaires have attested to and recommend thinking positively.

We’ve been thinking negatively all our lives, what has it brought us? Let’s try thinking positively and see what it brings.

Peace out guys✌🏾

Au revoir!

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