Musically Speaking (2)

I was in a cab a few Sundays ago and some really old nice hymns were playing on the radio, very few of them I knew.

And there was this guy, in his 40s (I guess) sitting beside me, he was singing along with joy, closing his eyes singing along passionately to each song, he knew every single hymn that played on the radio.

From the sound of the hymns, I guessed they were really old hymns. Most of us (millennials) most likely won’t know those hymns.

It was quite emotional for him (and for me too anyways)

We millennials sing hip hop, rap, afrobeat, gospel contemporary etc. And there’s nothing bad or “worldly” with these beats.

The major thing is the song content (lyrical content, the message of the song) and the intention of the singer(s).

These beats and genres aren’t bad. IMO.

While I love these music genres, we young musicians, choristers, instrumentalists (millennials) need to consider the older folks once in a while.

There should be a balance.

My point is it would be wicked and cruel of us to forsake songs, hymns, chants etc our parents grew up with for the latest vibes on-trend.

In the words of the late great evangelist and Scholar, Dr. Ravi Zacharias

“Music is a powerful instrument…music will Keep changing because the taste will fluctuate from generation to generation.

While singing Understand your audience, be sensitive to the kind of audience you’ve got and the song you’re playing/singing.”

He further explained:

“Those of us in the older generation need to understand how music is for the young, and those of you who are young need to remember that music is a carrier of memories and if we in our churches forget the elderly ones – those whose minds have been bathed in certain kinds of songs, and we forget singing them those songs, we’re amputating them from the past and that’s a cruel thing to do to someone who wants to live in the memory of their past…”

He concluded

“Music should be a connector to memories and retain the substance of truth”

What more could I add, he’s said it all.

There should be a balance between the old vibes and the new.

We should often give them their own ‘reminiscent vibes.’

Peace out folks ✌🏾

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