School na Scam?

Wassup guys!

I just found this article on twitter. It’s really interesting.

It about the history and complications of schooling since the 1800s.

   a time…
the king of Prussia was furious because instead of suicidally attacking the French army, his soldiers went home to their families and farms.

And that’s why we got the schools we have…

Here’s a 3-minute history of public schools.

Before I proceed let me clear the air.

School is important. I believe every human being “SHOULD” go to school.

“School no be scam o” at all. Education is good.

But there ‘buts’. It’s too rigid.

Teachers who come to teach don’t really like teaching or know how to teach. They ‘usually’ just have the necessary certificates.

When they come in to teach, they follow a specific curriculum not minding if it suits everyone – if everyone will follow, as long as their paid.

It’s not entirely thier fault though.

School doesn’t really teach us about real-life.

It doesn’t teach us how to make money (financial education).

The picture above shows exactly what I mean. It’s really funny yet saddening.

Give an average person 10 million dollars, he/she will “most likely” squander everything within 10 years, even if they’re ‘educated’.

Why does this happen? One of the reasons (though it’s NOT entirely down to this) is lack of financial education in schools.

According to Robert Kiyosaki;

People are NOT poor because they don’t have money, they’re poor because of their mentality.”

I’ll write something about wealth and money making soon enough. Giving us the tips I’ve garnered from the richest people throughout history.”

There’s majorly schooling with little or no learning.

Students and teachers alike believe that the main purpose of school is preparing students to pass the exam.


What more can I say. That article literally has said almost everything. If you haven’t checked it, scroll back up and click the link. It’s super dope.👌🏾

Conclusively, I believe things will change for the better.

So to answer the question “No, school no be scam.”

By the way, the author of the article above, Sasha Alyson cited “The Evolution of Everything” by Matt Ridley as her source.

I just downloaded it and I hope to read that book before the turn of the year. Y’all can join me in reading it. I believe it will be a fun read.

Till next time chaps.

Au revoir ✌🏾

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