All lives matter

This will be a very short post.

Arsenal won convincingly against Fulham this past weekend, 3 – nil was the scoreline.

The performance was so impressive I wanted to check out twitter (for the 1st time in a long while) to see their reactions to this game.

As usual, I checked @welbeast posts. He’s a very funny guy who loves to banter other clubs especially Manchester United. He also banters arsenal too, sometimes when we play bad.

Most of the time he posts jokes and banters which are really funny.

Otherg times he posts jokes/tweets that are really sensitive and not well thought out.

So this weekend, Saturday to be precise he posted a group of “black” arsenal players celebrating together (though it was the black arsenal players that scored the goals)

He captioned it “black excellence…”.

A white guy commented saying “If I’d put a pic of white players and said white excellence what would have happened?
I thought we all want equality not supremacy”

Some blacks, not all, don’t really want equality, they want supremacy.

Same thing with feminism.

Some feminists, not all, don’t really want equality, they want supremacy.

They don’t get it. They don’t understand.

These things tend to make me feel sad and pessimistic, but I won’t.

I Stan with positivity.

I’m hopeful that things will get better. People will become better People.

I believe, one day ‘most’ of us will have the understanding that;

All (blacks, white & mixed, women and men)



I rest my case.

Ciao ✌🏾

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