Good Stoicism, yea right 😕

Once upon a time children of God, there once was a boy who went in search of the unknown and found a nice religion practiced by one of his role models, Marcus Aurelius (one time Caesar of Rome), a good man. The religion was so seductive that he was swayed and joined for a week.

Guess who that boy was?

You guessed right, that boy was me, unfortunately. And the religion was Stoicism.

Stoicism: A school of philosophy popularized during the Roman Empire that emphasized reason as a means of understanding the natural state of things (logos) and as a means of freeing oneself from emotional distress.

A person who practices stoicism is called a “Stoic”

Stoic: Proponent of stoicism, a school of thought, from in 300 BCE up to about the time of Marcus Aurelius, who holds that by cultivating an understanding of the logos, or natural law, one can be free of suffering.

Also it means;

A person indifferent to pleasure or pain

I love history, you should too. I learn a lot when I read history topics or watch historical movies.
A few of you reading this know the kind of movies I love watching, ancient movies about history especially.

One of the person I found from history was Marcus Aurelius. He was one of the first Stoics.

He was a really nice guy – he was just and fair to his subjects. He was one of the best Roman emperors that ever lived. He was said to be numb and indifferent to the bad life circumstances that occurred around him.

Here’s what I got from Wikipedia;

According to its teachings, as social beings, the path to eudaimonia (happiness, or blessedness) is found in accepting the moment as it presents itself, by not allowing oneself to be controlled by the desire for pleasure or fear of pain, by using one’s mind to understand the world and to do one’s part in nature’s plan, and by working together and treating others fairly and justly.This sounds like Philippians 4 vs 6 right?🤔
It also reminds me of 1Thessalonians. 5 vs 11

Anyway, that’s one the definition of Stoics – indifferent to pleasure and pain.

Even though most Stoics were really rich people – it included people in the emperor’s class etc

They strongly believe in equality for all: gender, race, religion etc.

Now in those days, this was almost non-existent. The was a huge disparity between the nobles and the common folks. The gap between the rich and the poor was massive – unlike now where we have many middle class citizens in Nigeria, America etc – so the rich had many people “beneath” them. It was easy to have slaves, maltreat them, mistreat your poor subjects etc, you’re protected by the law (as long as you’re rich)

It gets worse, if one is not a worshipper of the Roman gods e.g Jupiter etc. One is treated like and outcast, sometimes excommunicated or even killed. Or if one is black, Arabian or of any other race in Rome, racial tensions and unfairness would always happen.

But Marcus Aurelius, the Roman emperor and his friends – mainly in politics – ‘never’ misused their power (according to records).

They practiced kindness, they never avenged wrongs done to them. They loved all regardless and never became worried when bad things happened.

This is in many ways related to Christianity – Love. Infact I strongly believe stoicism was coined from Christianity after Apostle Paul left Rome.

Stoicism started a few years after Paul left the Romans.

Stoicism is nice, infact I completely agree with some of their practices, even till now.

  • Being indifferent to hurts and bad circumstances – Matt. 6 Vs 25
  • Treating everyone equally and expressing genuine love. Etc

But urrm, stoicism has its disadvantages;

Disadvantages of Stoicism

1. It doesn’t include God (Yahweh).

2. It doesn’t revolve around Jesus at all

3. There’s no holy spirit at all too.

Stoicism sounds like Christianity, but it’s not Christianity.

Infact, Judaism is the closest thing to Christianity because we worship the same God, Yahweh but they still abide by the old covenant in the Pentateuch (Books Of Moses).

Judaism doesn’t agree that the old covenant has been replaced with a new covenant. Heb. 8 Vs 7

Why become a Stoic jeff?

I wasn’t so close to God a few years ago. I was searching, I had a God shaped hole back then. I sought to fill it up with something, I filled it with stoics principles when it could only be filled with God not stoicism.

I have experienced this living God and it won’t be nice to brag about it. (2Cor. 12 Vs 6.)

I’m closer but I’m not perfect. I still make mistakes and sin. It’s a process to attaining Conformity with Christ’s image – The mind of Christ.

Let me conclude with this, when we all feel empty, we search for the unknown, we search for something to fill that “God shaped hole” in us. Some of us use our careers, work, relationships, marriage and families etc. it most times would work for a while, but eventually will cease.

Nothing can fill that God shaped hole except God.

Let’s get closer to God, closer than we ever were yesterday. Read and meditate (focus and re-read a verse or chapter over and over again until in sticks) the Bible everyday, obey everything in there, yield to the Holy Spirit – allowing Him control our ways, choices and Life (Prov. 3 vs 6), Love everyone genuinely and Pray.

Nothing can replace that God shaped hole.

Not Judaism. Not stoicism.

Only God can.

Christianity is Christianity.

Peace out folks ✌🏾

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