Footballisticaly Speaking

Yaayy! Football is back (and now over)… unfortunately.

Where do I start? COVID 19?

😕 Arsenal? Oh boy. Don’t get me started on the countless number of top 4 finish false hopes we were given. January to march arsenal were the talk of the town (after Liverpool of course) we just got in a new amazing coach – Mikel Arteta – who completely turned things around for arsenal. Everything was awesome (In Lego’s voice). We even had a Lego haired manager. How perfect, what a coincidence.

We were playing well, winning games, had a better defence. By March, we were the only EPL team not beaten in 2020. Then the Covid-19 break happened, march-June. Now football is back, Arsenal are back to their former selves. They’re now the exact opposite of the good stuff I listed above. To top it off, we lost 3 games in a row at the beginning of the restart…and we also lost crucial points leading up to the final games of the season and later bottled up our top 6 chance… how about that!
Who’s to blame?

The coach?

The players?

The board?

Bad luck?

The fans?


Anyways, it doesn’t matter. It’s all gone. We look forward to better days and a brighter future with our brilliant coach, Monsieur Mikel Nchekwubechukwu Arteta.

Back in March, I was so angry when Arteta contracted Coronavirus, I thought he’d die (you know fresh COVID paranoia) I thought finally we’ve gotten a good coach and bad luck wants to kill him. Now I think it’s worked out in our favour. There’s this water break that happens on the 25th minute, any time arsenal comes back from this break, we seem to fare better. It’s made us win the fa cup. Cheshit fans haha. 😁

That was the highlight of the season for me. I genuinely never expected us to win that game cos Chelsea were/are really the better team. Truly, as they say, sometimes bad things happen for good reasons.

Furthermore, old Legendary coaches leaving, new fantastic coaches coming in;



Ten hag


Lampard etc.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how these guys fare in the nearest future, fingers crossed.

Barcelona were whitewashed 8-2 by Bayern Munich. Now, this was really weird to me. It was really funny (as I laughed at the scoreline) and saddening because of Messi and also saddening to watch the great Barcelona really clinging desperately unto past glory. Remember Barcelona 2010? – arguably the best football xi to grace the planet. Barcelona made football art back then. But now, they play like Bournemouth but have the pride and outlook of Barcelona.
Someone called them “Glorified crystal palace” 😅😕

All my Barca friends blame and hate their president Bartomeu. He’s made so many bad decisions transfer wise and in his managerial selections, to which I solidly concur.

To add to Barca’s woes, Messi could potentially leave Barca. Things just can’t get worse from here for Barcelona, can it?. I mean Messi leaving, that’s the height of It. That’s bigger than the 8-2 thumping itself. It’s a lot for the fans to take. A tough pill to swallow.

Bayern winning the UCL to me was the highlight of the season, only after arsenal’s FA cup win of course. Their manager Hans dietar Flick reminds me of the legendary Jupp heynckes. Perfect attacking (and counter-attacking) football, accompanied with good defensive play. There’s a whole lot of gegenpressing in there too.

Bayern are a fantastic team. Flick, their coach is sublime.

PSG and Lyon really impressed me. PSG were unlucky not to win the UCL, they played well in the UCL IMO. Were they unlucky or were they not cut out to win the finals?

A friend asked me this question.

With the performance of PSG and Lyon in the UCL, can we still call Ligue 1 a farmer’s league?

Now that’s a real question. One I can’t answer yet. Only time will tell. We could view Ligue 1 differently with time, especially if both teams get into the Semis again.

The new season starts soon. Epl starts September 12th, I’ll be rooting for Arsenal as always, even if I know we can’t win the league except we do a Leicester 😁. We’d need some of those Leicester Stunts (and luck) pulled up back then in 2016.

Alright, till next time folks.

Ciao ✌🏾

Up gunners 😉

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