Waddap yo! What’s cooking? (In bugs bunny’s voice). How’re Y’all doing?
Hope it’s been good.

I’m so Sorry I couldn’t post last week. I was really busy with something else.

I’ve got an engineering gig 😁.

I sincerely wanted to upload something on Thursday or Friday.
But this blog post needed so much quality that it couldn’t just be rushed.
I had to take my time to prepare some quality read for you guys as usual.
I didn’t want to let y’all down.

Today’s blog post is really important in our lives. Our relationships. Even to our intellectual, financial and spiritual lives.

There’s this famous saying, I’m sure you’ve heard it, it goes like this;

Birds of a feather flock together”

– William Turner (1545)

This proverb means; People of the same sort or with the same tastes and interests will (usually) be found together.

Back in secondary, we were taught simple harmonic motion, vibration and resonance in physics. Only science students (I hail o 🙌🏾) can relate. Art and commercial people don’t worry, you’ll learn physics today.😁

What’s this Resonance?

Resonance occurs when one object vibrating at the same natural frequency of a second object “forces” that second object into vibrational motion.

The word resonance comes from Latin and means to “resound” – to sound out ‘together’ with a loud sound.

A good friend of mine, Jerry – he’s the most intelligent person I know. Thought Taught me resonance in an unusual way and I know I will never ever forget it. He helped my mind. It’s a long story maybe one of these days I’ll tell it.

All in all, Jerry resonated intelligence into me.

There was this video that went vital a few weeks ago, I’m sure some of you watched it where one rich chief gave an interview and said:

If you hang around four intelligent people, you’ll become the fifth intelligent person.
If you hang around four spiritual people, you’ll become the fifth spiritual person.
When you now hang around four rich people, what should happen?

You guessed right. Why is this so?

Resonance! Proverbs 20 vs 19

Those rich people vibe at a certain frequency. You can allow this vibe enter you and start vibrating at their frequency only when you learn from them, watch and do what they do & spend sufficient time with them.

Wazobia FM transmits radio waves at a frequency of 95.1 FM. If you tune into 95.2 FM that’s not it’s frequency hence it won’t be clear.

I’ve read a few self-help books and wealth books and some how to be rich videos I’ve watched, one of the major points they usually all have in common is “positive thinking”. Even the Bible affirms this too.

Another thing they all talk about also is mingling with people with the right mindset – mindset you admire and/or aspire to have.

If you hang around positive people. Even if you’re a negative person, in time you’ll come a positive person, and vice versa.

I have this friend. She’s a girl, her name’s Boma. She always dresses so nice whether it’s casual or official. She’s always looking good, never to be caught “unfresh” I’d say. We hang out a lot. I’m usually the guy that doesn’t care about his dressing. My dress sense was almost non-existent LOL😁. Anything I see in my wardrobe is what I just grab and put on. But Boma, she is very deliberate about her appearance. She’s a fashionista. Most of all, she’s modest.

When we walk around together and compare our dresses, she makes me feel ashamed because it’s such a mismatch. A couple of my other male friends too would rub it on me, Nwachukwu, Eddie, Chimaroke and Odum. I love those guys dress sense too. So they’d all say she’s high class and I’m…well… You know😕. I had to step up to her level especially when I know I’d be around her (which is usually every time). It took me a while to adjust and change the old bad habit of dressing ‘anyhow’. Now, sometimes, people commend my dressing, even Boma (that’s huge coming from her). Sometimes, some random girls on the road (usually around school) would just smile and wave at me. Some would just stare at me. I hate to love it.

Resonance – from Boma & co to me.

Also, teachers and preachers resonate an aura. There are certain teachers or lecturers whose classes you always love cos they’re not boring. They resonate a vibe you understand or that is interesting and agile or funny. Something you “resonate” with. Same with pastors and preachers.

Even on stage why do you think people respond (dance better) to songs from singers with better Charisma? Tim Godfrey, Tye Tribbett and 21 pilots for example. Do you think it’s because of their songs alone?

The Vibe (also the song matters too) the singers disperse to the audience is “usually” what the audience vibrate too.

Nowadays, I’m friendly with everybody. I love everybody God knows my heart. Except when they annoy me. Though that’s against 1Cor. 13, I know, guess I need to work on my “love” attitude. Anyways, I’m friendly with everybody but careful with whom I spend my time, energy and focus on. The few people I spend these on are my friends, cos they also send in their vibes which I collect and store, knowingly or unknowingly. Whether good or bad. I try to have friends who are positive and optimistic people and who above all love God.

I implore you guys to follow suit.

If I want to choose these people as friends, I would have to work on myself and become a better person so I’ll have to resonate the same kinda vibe they’re giving off.

This is the approach I take to every area if my life. I want to have better relationships. I want to be a better person. A better friend

I want to be a better boyfriend, a better husband. I want to be better intellectually, better financially and above all, I want to be better spiritually – conforming to the image of Jesus.

That’s why I read the Bible a lot. I also read and watch any stuff that will make me better in all these areas listed above. It’s a process.

So in my search of becoming a better person and resonating a better frequency (vibe), I watched an inspirational video on YouTube (can’t remember which) and they recommended Micheal Losier’s book “The law of attraction”.

The science of attracting more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

Now guys pay attention!

The next few lines and instructions would be coming from “The Big Mike” himself.

So buckle up guys.

You’re about to see something you’ve never seen before.

Resetting your vibration (becoming a better you)

In the vibrational world, there are two kinds of vibrations; positive and negative.

At every moment you can tell if the vibration you’re sending is either positive or negative by identifying the “feeling you’re experiencing”.

Sometimes you “pretend” to be a positive person or give a positive response and say “it’ll be well”

In your mind, you have serious doubts that things will be Ok. You don’t think and feel things will be Ok.

You’re giving off a negative Vibe after giving a false positive statement. This negative vibe stays around you and gives you back it’s results, negative results, over time.

You can reset your vibration from negative to positive by changing the thoughts and words you “dwell in.” Having genuine positive feelings.

Sometimes, I could also be a hypocrite, I could say something positive yet really doubt it’ll ever happen.

For example, I’d say “we go make am”. “We go become millionaires very soon”, and I’d be giving off a negative Vibe because I don’t feel positive. Doubt caused this.

Now I’ve read and understood the law of attraction and now I have to genuinely feel I’m a millionaire. Look for positive signs that this is happening and stay on the course.

What do you want?

Think of the things that you want rather than the things you don’t want.

To know whether you’re sending a positive or negative vibration simply look at the results you’re getting in that area of your life.

Pls guys check out this book, it’s a must-read. I can’t pour out everything into this blog post. It’ll be too cumbersome.

Let me say this before we round up.

In addition

To increase your vibration positive or negative (+ or -) means to give your desire more positive attention, energy and focus.

The law of attraction brings you whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to. If however you identify your desire and don’t give it attention, energy and focus, then there’s no manifestation.

This happens to me a lot.

I believe it happens to some of you too – Focusing on the things we don’t want in our life instead of the things we want.

He also talks about our “vibrational bubbles”. The bubbles around us that capture whatever vibe we give off – positive or negative.

The law of attraction responds to whatever is in this bubble.

What am I including in my vibrational bubble?

He also adds that’s our affirmations (eg I go make am, I’ll be a millionaire) may help include our desires in this vibrational bubbles.

Affirmations may not raise our vibrations.

A positive affirmation can have a negative vibration. Most affirmations don’t work because the law of attraction doesn’t respond to words, it responds to how you feel about the words you use

Let’s do this exercise

After reading each of this statement ask yourself which vibration you’re giving off; negative or positive.

All my relationships are harmonious (positive or negative) + or –

I love my body + or –

I’m a millionaire + or-

My business is booming + or –

I have ideal health + or –

I have a perfect life mate + or –


When would these affirmations offer a positive vibration?

Answer; when they are true for you.

When you state something that’s not true for you, you’re giving off a negative vibration because the statement activates doubts within you

He suggested that in order to reword our affirmations to make them feel better, he says we should use and believe that “we are in the process of making it manifest”

I’m in the process of;

Creating Ideal relationships

Enjoying and loving my body more and more

Becoming more abundant and wealthy. Becoming millionaires.

Growing my business

Having ideal health

Attracting an ideal mate

When it’s true for you, you feel good. When you feel good, you give off a positive vibe which the law of attraction responds to by bringing you more of the same.

Also let me add this, I guess I have the mentality of a female than a man’s. I think more and react more like the female. Probably because my mom’s hormones are more in me than my dad’s or because I’m closer to my mom and the females (sisters and friends) around me, who knows.

It’s gotta change though

MaliMusic latest song “Ying Yang” talks about this too please give it a listen.

It’s a really dope song 😍👌🏾

Conclusively, Guys let’s do better.

I’m not there yet, “I’m in the process of” becoming a better person and attracting better things to my life

Let’s work towards this together.

Let’s think and feel positive.

Let’s try surround ourselves with positive people. (That doesn’t mean we’ll be cruel to the rest.)

So in the end, we’ll give off the right vibe and get the right results.

… for “bad company corrupts good character.” – 1Cor. 15.33

Au revoir guys ✌🏾

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