The Race Issue

Good morning Negroes and Negress(es). It’s been a while since I heard or used the terms; Negro, Negress, Nigga. If a white folk mention any of this term to any black person even to his black best friend, it’s deemed offensive. I’m not White hence it’s can’t be offensive coming from me Lol.

Anyways, about a month ago I was informed about the George Floyd incident by Didi, she narrated the whole story and I was perplexed, short of words. Later on, I felt angry – I had a whole lot of mixed emotions. I later delved in to read and investigate the story, watch the videos etc. I just felt bad and had to stop watching and reading.

I visited Rachael, a good friend of mine a few weeks back, and we were talking about different things. Our conversation led us again to the recently murdered George Floyd and I said that according to reports the white police officer, who killed George, was in the KKK (Ku Klux Klan), an American white supremacist hate group whose primary targets are African Americans and others… You can Google them up later if you want. A bad bunch those lots. She was amazed and we kept on talking. She also asked how different races came to be, I told her mainly because of our geographic location. Africans stay in tropics (hot region) so our skin adapted to it over time. Europeans and Australians stay close to the north pole and south pole respectively ie in temperate regions (cold regions) so thier skins over time adapted to thier environment.

Later that week, I saw oge’s pictures on her WhatsApp status, I’ve been seeing her before but this time I stared and looked intently, I was sure somehow she was Chinese, but she’s black. Same with chiboy, somehow that guy is Chinese/Japanese, i can feel it in my bones. Lol😁. Have that ever happened to you? You see your friend’s face and you’re thinking he/she is gotta be American or Chinese or Asian etc. It’s happens to me a lot and I’ve got a few friends like that.

A few days after my conversation with Rachael, I was thinking, deeply – as i usually do at some point during the day – and these questions came to mind “if our geographic location determines our skin colour over time, what then were our ancestors’ skin colour before we became black?” And again “Why do we have different shades of black?”

The next thing I did was to “ask google.” Back in secondary “ask google” was the annoying thing to say when trying to answer someone’s question. Now it’s the legit way. Lol 😂. Anyways, I asked google, I saw so many sites and articles, I read about two, three, four articles, can’t remember, but this one particularly struck me.

I found out so many things, so many interesting and fascinating facts. Here’s what I mainly got from the article;

1. Our species – Homosapiens (man) – evolved in Africa ie we’re all from Africa. Blacks and whites all had one colour. According to anatomical modern human features dating back 300,000 years. Quoting the national geographic article;

By analyzing the genes of present-day Africans, researchers have concluded that the Khoe-San, who now live in southern Africa, represent one of the oldest branches of the human family tree. The Pygmies of central Africa also have a very long history as a distinct group. What this means is that the deepest splits in the human family aren’t between what are usually thought of as different races—whites, say, or blacks or Asians or Native Americans. They’re between African populations such as the Khoe-San and the Pygmies, who spent tens of thousands of years separated from one another even before humans left Africa.

2. From Africa they moved to different continents and were isolated ie they stayed there and thier skin colours changed over time to adapt to their new environment.

  • Responding to the sun; People near the equitorial region (hot region) of the world eg Nigeria have lots of sunlight hence they evolved over time (thousands of years) to have dark skins as useful shield against the UV rays from the sun. Also people staying at/near the poles (north and south) where the problem is little sunlight, have paler skins which promotes the production of vitamin D.

3. Genetic mutation; genes randomly mutate (change) over time. Beneficial mutations (beneficial skin colour for adaptation depending one where our ancestors lived) is passed from ancestors to offspring. Our skin tones (fair black and dark black persons) are determined by our genes. There’s more diversity in Africa than all the other continents combined. That’s because modern humans originated in Africa and have lived there the longest. They’ve had time to evolve enormous genetic diversity—which extends to skin color.

Among Africans, some people, such as the Mursi of Ethiopia, have skin that’s almost ebony, while others, such as the Khoe-San, have skin the color of copper (light skinned). Many dark-skinned East Africans, researchers were surprised to learn, possess the light-skinned variant of SLC24A5. (It seems to have been introduced to Africa, just as it was to Europe, from the Middle East.) East Asians, for their part, generally have light skin but possess the dark-skinned version of the gene.

4. You can check out your Ancestry by running a DNA ancestry test using your saliva and a computer.

The students had then submitted saliva samples for genetic testing. Now, via their computers, they are getting back their results. Their faces register their reactions. One young woman, whose family has lived in India as far back as anyone can recall, is shocked to discover some of her ancestry is Irish.


Even professor Foeman, who identifies as African-American, was caught off guard by her results. They showed that some of her ancestors were from Ghana, others from Scandinavia (Eastern Europe).

5. There’s no scientific basis for race – it’s a made up label (that’s the title of the article BTW)

6. The concept of race is not grounded in genetics.


This article is really great, so you see we’re all the same. Also we’re all the same in Christ Jesus.

Genesis 1:17 and 3:20 reveals, we all came from one mother, Eve.

Genesis 10:1-32 reveals the Earth was destroyed by a God-given flood and Noah’s sons replenished the Earth.

In Genesis 11:1-9, we see mankind again rebels against God in idolatry, and God gives different languages to mankind in the form of new countries and skin color – Tower Of Babel.

We go on to the New Testament of the Bible, and we see in Acts 17:25-28 that God made all races and nations, all of us by one blood (verse 26) for His purposes.

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that racism exists or the reasons why it still is. Forget religion or spirituality, treating “everyone” right, irrespective of the colour, position, social strata (categorization of people based on socioeconomic factors like wealth, income, race, education, gender, occupation, social status, or power) is the right and humane thing to do. It’s also common sense. I see some people who mistreat thier maids and yet complain about racism. Some people mistreat folks that are lesser than them (beggers, people who seek help from them etc) and also folks from the village and complain about racism, in thier own way “they are practicing racism”. In the end we’re all the same. I even heard that some black Americans are racists to Africans 😕, well that’s a talk for another day.

Please take time to read the article, you’ll learn a whole lot, there are other fascinating stuffs in the article that aren’t on this blog post, things I might have forgotten or ommited, diagrams and pictures that I can’t just bring here. Just check it out you’ll be glad you did.😉

In the end we’re all the same, black or white it doesn’t matter, we’re all Humans. We’re commanded by our creator to love everyone, not just ordinarily but genuinely 2Peter 1 Vs 7 – 8.

P.s. – I guess Didi is Korean and Rachel looks like Scarlett Johansson who I found out has a Jewish, Golish and Russian ancestry.

Till next Wednesday folks.

Au revoir ✌🏽