Why you act the way you do (2)

He that fights and runs away, may turn and fight another day; but he that is in battle slain, will never rise to fight again.” – Tacitus

I shirk from my duties, maybe because I don’t want to be slain in battle, L.I.M. (laughing in my mind)šŸ˜. I run away from responsibilities and anything that’ll take me away from my comfort zone. People come to me for advice, explanations, analysis, guidance, tutorials etc and I shy away, sometimes with sacarsm and dry humour. Sometimes I give them what they want with 50% capacity. I usually just don’t want to be involved. I’ve been selfish sometimes, for example, I initially didn’t want to share this interesting piece, I’ve been hoarding it for over a year now.


It’s because I’m predominantly phlegmatic.

Sometimes you wonder if your sister is actually your sister or your brother is actually your brother. Two completely different lifestyles. My sister is the exact opposite of me. She’s outgoing, I love being indoors. I don’t make friends easily as I’m loyal with the ones I’ve got, she makes friends almost everyday. Different creatures she and i.

So without further ado, in today’s blog I’ll be talking about our strengths and weaknesses. When I read about my weaknesses a while back – as a PhlegSan – from both Tim Lahaye’s books, I was so so…, I don’t know the word to use; maybe cold, anxious, naked? Because most of them were so so true. When I found out how to overcome these weaknesses, I Just had to read and re-read the steps and practice them daily. Even though it’s hard to overcome old habits (cos I keep falling back to them) I strive on and start again. It’s a process I’m working on, and it’s something we can work on together. Some of you might already be ahead. Lol. Also today I’ll be focusing mainly on the predominant temperaments, so, we’ll just have to improvise. Just do the math and add them up – for example if you’re SanMel add up the strengths and weaknesses of sanguine folks and melancholic folks – or better still for easy understanding and well detailed analysis, go buy or download the books “why you act the way you do” and “spirit controlled temperament” both were written by the same author, Tim Lahaye. They’re really practical, engaging and interesting as you can see.

Talking about strengths, I was so proud of the strengths I have, I didn’t even consider them as strengths in the first place. So, ladies and gentlemen may I present to you;


N.B; All the strengths and weaknesses listed here are written by Dr. Tim Lahaye. May his soul rest in peace.šŸ˜©



  • Enjoyment; Nobody enjoys life better than them. These people never seem to lose their child-like curiosity of things around them. They could go the lengths of the earth to get enjoyment. They really live thier lives, they are explorers and are adventurous you know. This is a good thing most of the time and is rarely done by the melancholics and phlegmatics though.
  • Optimistic; They really are.
  • Friendly; They don’t like seeing people down, especially in a party or gathering, they’ll frequently go outta thier way to include the person in thier group. This could earn them favour with people too.
  • Compassionate; Yup they’ve got tender hearts too.


  • Restless
  • Weak willed; lack of self control, could fall into temptations easily. Undisciplined. No temperament has greater issues with lust than the sanguines. Since they’re “touchers” emotions are well communicated through physical contact.
  • Egotistical
  • Emotionally unstable; They are never far from tears

They need five of the fruit listed in Galatians 5 Vs 22; Self control, patience, faith, peace, and goodness.



  • Strong willed and self-disciplined; determined to accomplish Goals
  • Practical
  • Leaders
  • Optimistic


  • Hot tempered
  • Cruel; Not so compassionate
  • Impetuous; since they’re decisive, they could make rash and impulsive decisions that could hurt others. They want their tasks to go through no matter what. Thier determination could lead to desperation
  • Self sufficient; since they’re naturally egoistic, this could cause pride. They could also shun God saying they achieved all they had without God’s help. They have difficulty realising they must depend on God (especially in bad times).

Of all the temperaments, they probably need the most – seven – of the nine fruit of the spirit; Joy, love, peace, gentleness, long suffering, meekness and goodness.



  • Sensitive; emotional to people’s feelings and helpful
  • Highly creative; they have a higher tendency of getting high IQs. They are usually geniuses too
  • Perfectionists
  • Faithful friends


  • Self-centred; Not necessarily selfish per say, since they’re sensitive they could see two people talking in a hushed tones and assume they’re talking about him. He could be easily offended. They could easily become a hypochondriac.
  • Pessimistic
  • Moody; frequent mood swings, depressed for long periods etc for almost any reason.

They need; love, joy, peace, goodness, faith and self-control. Also, If you’re a melancholy, heed Paul’s advice in 1 Thessalonians 5 Vs 18 “In everything give thanks”.



  • Witty; some are stand up comedians others have a dry sense of humour and are fun to be with
  • Dependable
  • Good counsellors and Good listeners
  • Efficient
  • Organized


  • Slow; Accused of dragging thier feet. They also plan, work slowly. In rare cases they eat slowly too. They hate doing things against their will.
  • Lazy; They don’t want to be “pushed” to work
  • Stubborn; they could disguise it with easygoing humour.
  • Tease; They could use thier humour as a tool for defence and stir up others eg for cholerics who enter the room with bright ideas, Phlegmatics could bring out the weaknesses and loop holes of the cholerics’ ideas.
  • Selfish
  • Hide their true feelings; They may love someone but rarely let that person know it. Same with other feelings like anger
  • Indecisive

They need; Love, goodness, meekness, faith and self-control.


The Holyspirit – God’s cure for temperament weaknesses.

  • Admit and face your weaknesses as sin
  • Confess them to the Lord
  • Ask for Victory and believe you have this victory over these weaknesses.
  • Ask for the filling of the holy spirit
  • Walk in the spirit (Gal. 5 Vs 16) and abide in Christ (John 15 Vs 1 – 11)
  • Read the word Of God regularly; He suggested starting with John, read 1John, Philippians and ephesians several times, then the new testament.
  • Pray daily
  • “Continually” yield yourself to the holyspirit

Make these things become an habit. It won’t be easy to do, it’s extremely hard, especially without the help of the holyspirit. It’s a process. When we fall, get back up and strive on.

Here’s what Dr. Tim Lahaye said;

Frequently I find Christians who try this pattern of facing thier weaknesses as sin, confessing them, asking for victories, believing they have the victory requesting the holyspirit and walking in the holyspirit only to find that they revert to thier old selfish habits. Too often they become discouraged with their progress and give up. This is a trick of the devil!

He continued;

But a very simple cure takes place, an act of faith. Repeat these steps (in faith) given to overcome your weaknesses everytime you are conscious you’ve sinned and eventually the old habits no longer dominate you.

When I found out how to overcome these weaknesses, I Just had to read and re-read the steps and practice them daily. Even though it’s hard to overcome old habits (cos I keep falling back to them) I strive on and start again. It’s a process I’m working on, and it’s something we can work on together.

See y’all at the very top.

Till next Wednesday folks

Au revoir


Source; Why You act the way you do – Tim Lahaye

Spirit controlled temperament – Tim Lahaye