Musically speaking

Good morning. Guess some of you listened to music a few moments ago or are listening to music right now. If not, then you definitely must have listened to music recently, yesterday probably.

Music is life. Music is used everywhere. In churches, at wedding events, in the banks, in Buddha temples, at the clubs, in cults etc… You name it. Also, I’ve kinda noticed how strange music is; in that every culture/region of the world got thier own kind of music. Unique kind of music. There were no internets or recording devices when these cultures started doing thier music, so I can say they weren’t stolen. They’re all unique. It’s all music. The igbos, yorubas, hausas etc have their own style. The Latinos, the Europeans, the Chinese, the Americans etc have thier own styles too. Most of the time they are NOT similar to eachother.

God is an artist, and he really loves music too. No wonder his favourite person in the Bible, David, was a musician.

“…a man after my heart.”

It might not be a mere coincidence that his favourite person is a musician.

I digress 😁

I guess the kind of music we like depends on how often we listen to a particular kind of music. How often we listen to a particular kind of song depends on our family, background, environment, friends etc. I guess. One of the kind of music i really really love is “Igbo-tic” music. For example most Igbo gospel songs, osadebe songs, Oliver d coque, flavour etc

Here’s probably why;

I was born and bred in an Igbo family (Igbo kwenu!😁). My childhood church was basically ‘igbo-tic’; they majorly sang Igbo songs. I play the keyboard and I love playing to these Igbo songs.

I also love other songs too. I grew up in Lagos, majorly filled with the Yoruba people, making me have a lot of Yoruba friends, which has exposed me to a few Yoruba songs that i really like eg fela, sunny ade, ayefele etc would’ve mentioned ASA, but I don’t think she’s a Yoruba artiste. Guess She’s more of an English artiste.😁

Talking about asa, she was once my all-time favourite singer. I guess she was my first. I knew all of her songs, Every lyric, i mean every single lyrics of the songs in her 1st and 2nd album, I knew them all. But these days as an old man, I’ve forgotten some of these lyrics.😁 Although I’ve forgotten some of the lyrics, she still is one of my favourite musicians of course. Initially all I wanted from my favourite musicians was; a good voice, good rhythm, good progressions, arrangements etc. Right now ( prolly cos I’m older) my priorities have changed. A good voice, Good sounds (weird production stuffs), Good lyrics, Good rhythm, progressions and arrangements.

Let me give you a brief history of my favourite musical artists.😎

So, after ASA, I went with Rihanna, Tracy Chapman and Adele for a very short while. Then I moved to Alicia keys, she’s a good pianist too, just like meπŸ˜‰. All these happened around 2009 – 2012. Then around 2013 – 2015 thereabout it was Jill Scott. Funny thing is during that period I never once saw or googled her. So I never saw her at all, until i watched a movie which she acted “baggage claim” I heard her voice, and googled her to be sure. Lol. Also later during this period, fink was my favourite alongside Jill. 2016/17 was ed Sheeran. That divide album blew my mind. Then early 2018 it was Coldplay. Late 2018 it was MaliMusic.

Right now, MaliMusic is still my favourite. He’s perfect. He’s got all the things I want in a musician.

That doesn’t mean I don’t listen to my other ex-favourites, I still do infact I have thier albums. Other notable mentions; The gratitude (Coza), Bob Marley, lucky dube, osadebe, miles Davis, Bez, Johnathan McReynolds, Tasha cobbs, Travis Greene, John bellion, Todd dulaney, Lauren daigle, Tim Godfrey, twenty one pilots, Sia, the scripts etc.

Not everyone like my kinda music so I’m not recommending it to you 😁. Though if you wanna check em out. Nice. I hope you like them, I’d recommend you start with any of MaliMusic’s songs.

I didn’t put davido, WizKid, Drake, etc despite them being really famous and everyone’s favourite. It’s because i don’t really like them, Like I said, not everyone would like my kinda music (choices).πŸ˜•

Finally, let me add, I didn’t like “regular” rap music before, I kinda still don’t. I sometimes liked Eminem songs, but it was on and off, mostly off. MaliMusic made me like rap music, he’s own style is really unique. Check out “ready aim fire” by MaliMusic to see what I’m talking about.

So in conclusion, whatever kind of music you like depends on various factors. You might not know there are other kinds of music you really like until you get older, this applies specifically to people who are “musically gifted”. I recently found out I love jazz music. I heard some jazz songs from my favourite movies.

Musically speaking, God is an artist, music is life.

Peace out folks ✌🏽

Update; I like makosa like crazy. koffi Olomide and awilo logomba deserve to be in this list.