Square Pegs In Round Holes.

Good morning folks. How’re you holding up during this period. Very well you say? Fantastic.

Today’s post is gonna be different, it’s geared towards politics this time, I hope you’d bear with me, especially if you’re not into politics. I’m not a politics person either. So here we go.

Plato, a Greek philosopher, discusses justice as the most fundamental basis of ordered social life. He argues that:

“every society requires three functions to achieve peace and harmony, namely: production (industry), security and political rule. These necessitate three aptitudes respectively – appetite, courage and knowledge – Which bring up three roles – workers, soldiers and rulers.

He further explained “Workers naturally are people that have appetite for production, soldiers naturally have courage to protect and secure people and the nation. Rulers are expected to be knowledgeable and wise to engage in leadership and political rule. Rulers are expected to be “problem solvers”, problem solvers are expected to be knowledgeable (intelligent, effective etc.).”

Plato concluded by saying that;

“injustice occurs where this functional system is distorted eg where persons of appetite (workers) are ruling the knowledgeable ones and the courageous ones. There won’t be peace and harmony (and progress if I may add).”

I guess we’re all familiar with the above quote cos that’s exactly what we’re experiencing in our nation. Misfits. Round holes, square Pegs.

Although some scholars debunked Plato’s theory saying there are loopholes in it, even if there are, Plato still made a lot of sense.

I had a chat with Sampson, a friend yesterday, and we talked about the book she was reading, “a parliament of vultures”. It talked about a flock of misfits who scavenge on the nation’s wealth. According to facts, vultures do not carry food back to thier chicks (young ones). They regurgitate. There you have it, our everyday experience.

Story time, A funny thing happened in class last month. Our lecturer, Dr. Briggs just finished lamenting on how we performed poorly in his test, he decided to do the corrections for us on the board so we could go home and practice, he thought he was doing a noble thing (he was) and we all craved for it, I did, a few of us did crave for it, but most didn’t. He was solving and solving while the class was so noisy. He turned back and noticed just a few of us actually were jotting down the corrections, and listening, while most of the boys were not. They were joking, talking and laughing. He turned back, dropped the chalk and said;

“You know sincerely I don’t blame you guys, I blame us, myself, my colleagues, your secondary school teachers, your parents and my generation. Must of you aren’t supposed to be in this “professional” department talkless of gaining admission. Most of you went to special centres and copied during your junior waec, your senior waec, your Neco, your jamb. Some of you still copy and bribe lecturers here in the university. You don’t know that your science foundation has been tarnished. Some of you don’t know what “force” is. It’s really sad.”

As he was talking, some of the boys at the back started walking out of the class. We were angry at the boys, we knew some of them and so we angrily called them back to the class.

Dr. Briggs urged us not to, he retorted:

“Leave them, let them go. You see those ones leaving the class, you see them, they’ll soon become your leaders. Speakers of the House of representatives, senate Presidents even presidents after graduating with pass or 3rd class. (We all laughed really hard at this point). He said yes it’s happening, yes. Just check out the speaker of the house of reps, he was my mate here. He struggled to graduate, he was just allowed to leave and graduated with a “pass”, but look where he is now, leading us and making crucial decisions in almost every sector including education. Is he capable? What does he know about education? That’s a square peg in a round hole. That’s a misfit.”

We laughed at some of the things he said cos they were funny, but he was right. He was angry while saying all that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Nigeria’s problems are entirely our leaders’ fault. Majority of the problems are thier fault (about 60%) but not all. Some of Nigeria’s problems are from us the masses, and some from other sources. Well that’s another topic for another day.

Niyaz, my G posted something on his WhatsApp status yesterday about a youth lamenting, he said;

“The only problem we have in this country are the leaders. Let all the leaders be killed and we youths take over then things will be better.”

That’s a big fat lie, when youths (who are misfits) take up the same leadership positions, the same cycle will continue. I mean look at your sug president and his government. Lol. I rest my case.

In conclusion

Things will be better if the functional system is not distorted ie workers with apettite get into production/industry, soldiers with courage get into security and rulers who are knowledgeable problem solvers get into political rule.

“Everybody is a genius” – Albert Einstein

That’s if we find, choose to remain, develop and function in our place of function.

Even the Bible affirms this.

Romans 12 Vs 6-8


1 cor. 12 Vs 28 – 31

Peace out peeps ✌️

4 thoughts on “Square Pegs In Round Holes.

  1. Real talk brotherly… We as youths need to flush our mind set and be will to be calm and do the right things… Nice piece


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