Movies 🌞

Good day folks, how’s the week been so far? Good?… You lucky homosapiens.

Well for me? meeeeh!πŸ˜’… You be the judge.

I hoped to apply for a teaching job this week, Immediately I stepped out of the house it started raining. I went to the cyber cafΓ© to print out my CV and other stuffs and I realized I wasn’t having enough money. The school i intended applying to, that I thought existed is NOT in existence (it’s still under construction, I guess constructions will be completed next year). I also found out that my crush is dating someone. Worst thing is she’s been telling/teasing me to ask her out and stuff. I finally gave in. When she gave me the news it hit like a tornado 10 tornadoes joined together. I exaggerate. LOL. Now you judge.

Well, the week is NOT over, nice stuffs could still happen right? Yea right. Anyways we move on.

Thank God for movies they take usually take my mind of the stresses and bad stuffs I face in real life, sometimes it’s kinda my beer. lol.

Story time, this one time, i went to visit a guy, he’s a friend I looked up to, i still do. (he’s a tad older though). We talk about stuffs, every stuff out there – from football to movies to girls to music to school stuffs – you name it, but in the end he’d link em up with some motivational life talk stuff, I don’t know how he does it, that nigga good. He’s good with words, nigga smart (in DJ Khaled’s voice). So when we got into the motivational life talk stuffs he showed me some stuffs and asked me a few questions, I wasn’t responding (questions I now realize are simple, fun and interesting). He then said to me “jeff, you read quite alright, but, you don’t read enough”. This word got to me, it hit me hard. This word got into my medulla oblongata. We talked some more, I learnt some more, and then i left. I decided to be a better reader. Lol. I didn’t immediately. The next day, I read different stuffs for 10 – 12 hours, then after that day, I got back to the old me. lol. infact I was still as lazy for months, It took me time, years to adjust to be a better reader. Though I’m a better reader than I was a few years ago, I still don’t think I read enough (even though people say I do).

Why am I saying all this? Cos of movies!

Some of the genre of books I like (I’d like) to read are based on history (the Byzantine empire, Roman empire, the Saxons, English history, Celts, Norsemen etc) some are based on fiction (game of thrones, Greek mythology, Norse mythology etc) some are motivational (personal development, social skills, God related etc) some are based on finances, some are school-ish (I’m an engineering student) etc.

Though I mostly finish them other times I don’t finish them, maybe cos I’m busy – whatever that means – or they don’t look interesting or simply laziness or sometimes I don’t understand them, or maybe just maybe I really need to “see and feel” the stories in the books, the settings. Thank God for Hollywood. My favourite movies/series of all time are usually the ones with historical, fictional or sometimes motivational genres for example lord of the rings, clash of the titans, Vikings, killing Lincoln, Selma, Czars, Schindler’s list, Harry potter, Rome, da Vinci, Sherlock Holmes, game of thrones, Hercules etc

Lazy me is happy for example when he can watch read and understand Harry potter and the chambers of secret in 3 hours. Etc.

I don’t know if any of you are like me, but Nowadays, I’m really picky about the movies/series I watch. I usually select movies based on their genre, also I read thier short plot, sometimes I also read reviews before watching. Movies like John wick don’t interest me – apologies to all John wick 3 fans out there – It just doesn’t interest me anymore, cos I know what will happen in the end even though I haven’t seen it yet. The bad guys will piss him off (maybe kill his dog lol) he’d plan and execute his revenge on the bad guys and voila! They’re all dead. The end.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT trying to tease you John wick fans and the likes, Nope. I’m just saying they don’t interest me any more. Movies with the genre listed above are what I’m after.

Later on, I’ll talk deeply on some these movies, what I learned, what to like, what not to like, what I find interesting etc

I’ll also give you guys – especially those who love my kinda movie genre – a long list of some the best movies out there.

Till then guys!

Au revoir!✌️

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